Rigging 101 for Videogames Maya 2018

Learn the tools and concepts to rig props and characters in Maya 2018

Learning 3D rigging can be very confusing and time-consuming when doing it by yourself. I want to make the learning process easy for you, going through all the tools and concepts of rigging in very detailed videos.

In this course we will create rigs from A to Z. From planning the rigs to developing the necesary interface a model needs to be animated.

We will do a series of rigs, from props to characters, to make sure that after finishing this course, you'll have the knowledge required to solve any rig that is presented to you.

You'll learn tips and shortcuts that will accelerate your workflow and make you understand the fundamentals of 3D rigging.

I will be available for you through the whole course, feel free to send me a message if you encounter any issue. I will help you solve it and understand why it presented itself.

So please, take this course now.



"I am amazed how comprehensive this course was for time frame. It was totally engaging. There were little gems of insight all throughout, especially regarding production techniques that I was not aware of. What stood out for me were the initial simple examples used's to teach the fundamentals of Alex's rigging technique. He explained it so well with his simple rigs that you feel prepared for when he moves on to the complex bipedal model. It's easier to follow, understand and replicate."

-Lydia Dewolf


"Amazing! A lot of information is explained in such a good way! I love it! For the ones who are starting to rig and for others that already now but want to reinforce their knowledge it's the best course. Also it's really useful to understand the workflow of rigging in videogames! Thank you Alex!"

-Jorge Lorenzo Hernandez Romero


"Excellent tips, tricks, and best practices that are difficult to pick up elsewhere!"

-Mark Grover